Valentine’s Love Easel Card

Lots of red and hearts in my crafting this week. Today I am sharing this Valentine’s Love Easel Card.

Valentine's love easel cardStart with EXCELLENT CARD STOCK – like SUPER CARDSTOCK *purchased directly from Creative Scrapbooker ( formerly Canadian Scrapbooker) – it’s white, strong and beautiful! 
I only used white cardstock – no patterned paper.

I started with a 12×12 sheet of white card stock and for the front of the card cut it to 6X6.

For the BACK of the card ( which will form the base of your easel) I cut longer because you have to allow at least one extra inch where your acetate piece will be attached.
So my base measures 6×7″
I chose a beautiful butterfly pattern acetate and this needs to be 6×6.

I covered all surfaces of the cardstock with inks, some chalk, some metallic paper and various patterned stamps.
Decide on what word you want to use- keep it short because you REALLY don’t want to have to be cutting out little nambly pambly letters, and LOTS of them.
i.e – JOY, LOVE, ME & U (YOU)  make excellent choices.

Select your chipboard letters  – I didn’t make my letters from scratch because there is already enough cutting, pasting, assembling, etc to do! 🙂
You will trace your letters onto the cardstock. Remember that if you choose to mark your paper with pencil on the reverse side, place your letters BACKWARDS! — you’re welcome 🙂
Valentine's love easel cardWhatever shape of frame you choose, remember this important instruction: All the letters have to be attached to each other AND attached to the outer frame.  
You can see that I added ‘tabs’ to certain letters ( like the ‘E’) because I couldn’t attach it directly to the frame.

Valentine's love easel card

Here’s a look from behind so you can see the acetate sheet which forms the easel Very carefully cut out your letters.

Valentine's love easel card

As you can see I traced my letters backwards onto the back so I don’t worry about erasing all the pencil marks

  • Stamp, ink, chalk all surfaces (before you cut) — I just find it easier
  • I used a pink and gray polka-dot pattern for the chipboard letters. Using gold embossing powder I covered most, but not all of the surface of the letters
  • I adhered the ribbon to the back and will cover it with a left over piece of stamped card stock (i.e  1″ x  6″ strip)
    I ‘ran’ the ribbon through my ink to dye it pink


Valentine's love easel card

I started with cream ribbon and thought the pink would look better.

  • Affix the embossed letters to the front of your card
  • To attach the front, base, and acetate:  Fold  the base and crease so you have a 1″ fold over. The acetate is glued to the  top of the base card  where it meets the crease. The 1″ allowance will cover where you have glued the acetate.
    Glue the bottom of the acetate piece to the BOTTOM of the back of the front of the card. 
  • Cut whatever size of card stock for the inside sentiment and use thick pop dots to attach so you have a raised platform which will act as the ‘stopper’ for your easel.
  • I added a key embellishment to the front as a closure.  You may just tie yours off in a bow – personal preferences, you know?! 🙂 I attached it with a brad I embossed with the same gold powder.Valentine's love easel card
  • Embellish to your hearts content!
  • Present your card tied, and make a custom envelope or box to enclose it.



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