Put Circuits in Your Crafts

Put Circuits in Your Crafts using Chibitronics!

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

The canvas in natural light

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

Beautiful Mixed Media Canvas with LED Adjusting my camera settings to allow me to show the lights.

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

Using this Starter Kit from Chibitronics is the best way to begin your new adventure in circuitry AND Art!
With it one can:
  • Make almost any surface glow, sense, or interact with Chibitronics circuit stickers
  • Stickers are super lightweight, thin, and flexible
  • Perfect for educators, artists, and novices
  • Create electronic projects without coding and soldering
  • Put circuits in your crafts and artwork!

Thank you Chibitronics for sending me this great kit!Chibitronics Chibi Lights

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

When Science and Art Collides: it actually happens all the time!

I created this great canvas in a few hours. So what did I use?

  • Chibitronics Starter Kit
  • DecoArt® media™ Texture Sand Paste
  • DecoArt® media™Shimmer Mist, White
  • DecoArt® Dazzling Metallics®, Iceblue and Amethyst
  • DecoArt® Glamour Dust™: Crystal, Gold
  • Americana DECOR® MAXX GLOSS™, Patent Leather
  • Americana multi-surface SATIN™; chartreuse, flamingo
  • white canvas
  • Testors yellow enamel spray paint
  • Karen Ellis stencil

How did I do it?

Paint canvas with Patent Leather Maxx Gloss. It glides on so beautifully and a little goes a long way.

While wet, splash various colours of paint on surface. I had fun with the chartreuse and Amethyst. I scooped up some paint on the end of a stir stick and just let them fly!Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

While wet, sprinkle Gold and Crystal Glamour Dust.

I used painters tape to secure my stencil, and then using a spatula, I applied paste over the stencil.

Block off the area and spray paint the words stencil in yellow. I did this immediately after I spread the paste. The Testors spray paint dries almost immediately and the paste needs an hour or so.

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

I love my little moon lit up in the night sky!

Create a circuit, following the instruction booklet, on the canvas.  I first tried to run a circuit behind but ran into a little difficulty so I revised the plan to put the circuit on the front and add a ‘moon’ ( the ‘moon’ was an accidental over-pouring of mold paste over a plastic cup. It dried in the bottom of the cup and I thought it looked like a moon. I’m glad I saved it!) Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

I painted over the copper wire with Patent leather, then attached the moon with some tape. You can barely see the copper foil!Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

I think it looks pretty cool! I wonder what I should add lights to next? Any ideas?

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