Gel Press Gel Plate Decor

Today I am participating in the monthly hop with Designer Crafts Connection featuring the Gel Press gel plate. I am happy to share with you THREE Inspiration ideas using this handy gel printing plate.

gel plate

Please visit the GelPress website for instructions on How to use the gel plate

gel plate

Inspiration #1 – Create a beautiful background for a frame.

For this frame I made a print with the GELPress printing plate using an assortment of DecoArt® Multi-Surface Acrylic Satin Enamels and a funky texture roller. I used regular printer paper, by the way. While it was drying (which didn’t take long) I added LittleB adhesive ribbon to the lovely Deflecto® frame. I punched holes in my paper where the ‘bolt’s have to go through and then inserted the paper into the frame. The final touch was using some great wood sentiment pieces from Michaels. (Already painted and perfectly colour co-ordinated!). – yay! gel plate

gel plate

Inspiration #2 – Make a SUPER quick and pretty greeting card

For the card I chose a heavier card stock with a bit of a sheen. It was very easy to place the card on the gel plate and achieve a pretty print. It’s amazing how little paint was needed! To finish the card I added a wood sentiment which I painted with black pearl and then I gave it a coat of sparkle nail polish.

gel plate

Inspiration #3 – Create a pretty magnetic cover for a return air vent.

Did you know that you are supposed to cover one of the return air vents depending on the season? We have done this for years and it really impacts the efficiency of our furnace.  When it gets cold you cover the top vent so warm air doesn’t escape, and in the hotter months you block the bottom vent so cold air doesn’t escape and the hot air releases at the top. We have tried all different configurations of cardboard pieces, tape, mini-magnets to achieve this but the aesthetics are terrible.

So, about 2 months ago I spot this big roll of paintable magnetic sheets  and I yelled “EUREKA!”.  I definitely would have preferred a larger gel plate for this project, but I made do with the one I was given and I’m very pleased with the results. I had to apply the gel plate to the sheet in order to maintain control.

TIP – Keep one of the plastic protective sheets attached to the gel plate ( i.e. on the bottom). It is much easier to place the gel plate and handle it by grabbing the edges of the plastic sheet.

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