{Adorable} Powertex Plant Holder

Whether you plan to use it inside or outside your home, this adorable Powertex denim plant holder will make you smile, AND hold your beautiful plants or flowers!

Powertex denim pantsThe key ingredient to my flower pot is Powertex™ fabric hardener. I regularly teach workshops using this amazing product, and I chose it because it allowed me to stiffen my fabric without changing its color. Pigmented Powertex is already waterproof, but transparent is not, and, therefore, needs a sealer if you are going to place it outside.

What did I use?

Clay flower pot
Baby jeans (from thrift store – $.99)
Powertex™ transparent fabric hardener
ETI sealant
Plastic grocery bags
Fabric flowers ( from Dollar Store)
Large, shallow container
Disposable gloves

How did I do it?

Completely cover the flower pot with plastic and turn it upside down on a plastic-covered work surface. NOTE: Powertex doesn’t stick to plastic or metal. Set it aside.
Pour the Powertex into a shallow container
Place jeans in container and coat the fabric completely
Massage the Powertex™ into the fibers of the jeans
Try to wring out most of the excess liquid.
Pull the waistband of the jeans over the inverted clay pot and pull them down as far as you can. Your pants are now upside down.
Using plastic bags, fill the tummy and legs so it looks like someone is wearing them. You may also want to create ‘natural creases’, and also fill some pockets so they harden and dry in an open position. This is where the dowels come in: use them to manipulate the fabric into the positions you want.denim pants flower potpowertex plant holder
Once the jeans are dry (and hard) — 12 -16 hours, remove all of the plastic, and then the jeans from the pot.
Remove all plastic from the pot and place the pot inside your standing jeans.

If you plan to place your denim pants flower pot outside you should let it cur for 2 weeks inside. You will then need to give a few protective coats of sealant because transparent Powertex™ is not waterproof.

Fill with flowers and enjoy!