Smoothfoam Wreaths for Any Occasion

Smoothfoam wreaths are wonderful for any occasion- and they’re not just for making wreaths.Smoothfoam Wreath

It’s that time of month again when the members of the DCC (Designer Craft Connection) blog hop and bring to you all different ways to decorate with a given product. This month’s wonderful sponsor is Smoothfoam™ and they generously provided me with 4 ruled wreath rings, of different sizes.smoothfoam wreath

Smoothfoam Wreath

With so many projects on the go I like when I can use something like this fantastic round tray to keep everything together, and for ease of movement. Here I’m gathering the materials and deciding how I want to design this wreath. I love that the wreath is clearly marked for ease of evenly filling each section. I have had my eye on this luscious green chalk paint from Americana® DECOR for quite some time and decided TODAY was THE DAY to work with it.


  • Smoothfoam™ ruled wreath
  • Americana® DECOR Chalky Finish, new life
  • twine – enough to circle the wreath (following the marked circle)
  • Maya Road zippers, blue and green, cut in length to wrap around wreath
  • Succulents
  • Feathers
  • Assorted greenery
  • Pom Pom flowers
  • Recollections® wood die cut butterfly
  • organza
  • Americana® DECOR 2″ paint brush
  • hot glue gun
  • flat stylus


  • Paint the wreath on both sides. Repeat when dry, and let dry. I wasn’t sure how the chalk paint would do with the Smoothfoam™; with two coats the colour is uniform and beautiful.Smoothfoam Wreath
  • With the hot glue gun adhere a piece of twine along the marked circle of the wreath.
  • Glue zipper pieces at each of the marked numbers. I lined them up so the smooth side was touching the number and that’s where I ran the glue. I alternated one blue, two green, etc.Smoothfoam Wreath

Tip: Use a non-stick tool, like a stylus, to act as a ‘2nd finger’ to press the parts you are gluing so you don’t get burning hot glue on your skin – like I did! 

  • Place succulents at every second number. Cut the length of the plant stem so you have just enough wire to stick into the wreath without poking a hole through the other side. Put some glue in the hole or on the end of the wire and stick it into the Smoothfoam™.Smoothfoam Wreath
  • I then added fabric, peacock feathers, pom pom flowers (that’s what I call them), and embellishment(s).Smoothfoam Wreath
  • Add a hanger, hang her up, and ENJOY!

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