Smoothfoam Wreaths for Any Occasion

Smoothfoam wreaths are wonderful for any occasion- and they’re not just for making wreaths.Smoothfoam Wreath

It’s that time of month again when the members of the DCC (Designer Craft Connection) blog hop and bring to you all different ways to decorate with a given product. This month’s wonderful sponsor is Smoothfoam™ and they generously provided me with 4 ruled wreath rings, of different sizes.smoothfoam wreath

Smoothfoam Wreath

With so many projects on the go I like when I can use something like this fantastic round tray to keep everything together, and for ease of movement. Here I’m gathering the materials and deciding how I want to design this wreath. I love that the wreath is clearly marked for ease of evenly filling each section. I have had my eye on this luscious green chalk paint from Americana® DECOR for quite some time and decided TODAY was THE DAY to work with it.


  • Smoothfoam™ ruled wreath
  • Americana® DECOR Chalky Finish, new life
  • twine – enough to circle the wreath (following the marked circle)
  • Maya Road zippers, blue and green, cut in length to wrap around wreath
  • Succulents
  • Feathers
  • Assorted greenery
  • Pom Pom flowers
  • Recollections® wood die cut butterfly
  • organza
  • Americana® DECOR 2″ paint brush
  • hot glue gun
  • flat stylus


  • Paint the wreath on both sides. Repeat when dry, and let dry. I wasn’t sure how the chalk paint would do with the Smoothfoam™; with two coats the colour is uniform and beautiful.Smoothfoam Wreath
  • With the hot glue gun adhere a piece of twine along the marked circle of the wreath.
  • Glue zipper pieces at each of the marked numbers. I lined them up so the smooth side was touching the number and that’s where I ran the glue. I alternated one blue, two green, etc.Smoothfoam Wreath

Tip: Use a non-stick tool, like a stylus, to act as a ‘2nd finger’ to press the parts you are gluing so you don’t get burning hot glue on your skin – like I did! 

  • Place succulents at every second number. Cut the length of the plant stem so you have just enough wire to stick into the wreath without poking a hole through the other side. Put some glue in the hole or on the end of the wire and stick it into the Smoothfoam™.Smoothfoam Wreath
  • I then added fabric, peacock feathers, pom pom flowers (that’s what I call them), and embellishment(s).Smoothfoam Wreath
  • Add a hanger, hang her up, and ENJOY!

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Put Circuits in Your Crafts

Put Circuits in Your Crafts using Chibitronics!

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

The canvas in natural light

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

Beautiful Mixed Media Canvas with LED Adjusting my camera settings to allow me to show the lights.

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

Using this Starter Kit from Chibitronics is the best way to begin your new adventure in circuitry AND Art!
With it one can:
  • Make almost any surface glow, sense, or interact with Chibitronics circuit stickers
  • Stickers are super lightweight, thin, and flexible
  • Perfect for educators, artists, and novices
  • Create electronic projects without coding and soldering
  • Put circuits in your crafts and artwork!

Thank you Chibitronics for sending me this great kit!Chibitronics Chibi Lights

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

When Science and Art Collides: it actually happens all the time!

I created this great canvas in a few hours. So what did I use?

  • Chibitronics Starter Kit
  • DecoArt® media™ Texture Sand Paste
  • DecoArt® media™Shimmer Mist, White
  • DecoArt® Dazzling Metallics®, Iceblue and Amethyst
  • DecoArt® Glamour Dust™: Crystal, Gold
  • Americana DECOR® MAXX GLOSS™, Patent Leather
  • Americana multi-surface SATIN™; chartreuse, flamingo
  • white canvas
  • Testors yellow enamel spray paint
  • Karen Ellis stencil

How did I do it?

Paint canvas with Patent Leather Maxx Gloss. It glides on so beautifully and a little goes a long way.

While wet, splash various colours of paint on surface. I had fun with the chartreuse and Amethyst. I scooped up some paint on the end of a stir stick and just let them fly!Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

While wet, sprinkle Gold and Crystal Glamour Dust.

I used painters tape to secure my stencil, and then using a spatula, I applied paste over the stencil.

Block off the area and spray paint the words stencil in yellow. I did this immediately after I spread the paste. The Testors spray paint dries almost immediately and the paste needs an hour or so.

Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

I love my little moon lit up in the night sky!

Create a circuit, following the instruction booklet, on the canvas.  I first tried to run a circuit behind but ran into a little difficulty so I revised the plan to put the circuit on the front and add a ‘moon’ ( the ‘moon’ was an accidental over-pouring of mold paste over a plastic cup. It dried in the bottom of the cup and I thought it looked like a moon. I’m glad I saved it!) Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

I painted over the copper wire with Patent leather, then attached the moon with some tape. You can barely see the copper foil!Put circuits in your crafts Chibitronics

I think it looks pretty cool! I wonder what I should add lights to next? Any ideas?

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CHA Show 2016 NEW Products

One of the fun things to do at the CHA show is spot new products. Today I am sharing my CHA Show 2016 new top {and some not-necessarily-new} products (in no particular order).

thermowebdecofoilTherm -o-web has come out with an adhesive PEN and it works great! You can now ‘deco foil™’ your handwriting and line work!

decoart_logo  DecoArt® is OOZING with new products!

  • Americana Decor® Outdoor Living – It provides excellent adhesion to terracotta, cement, brick wood, metal, plastic, glass. It comes in 8 oz and 16 oz jars.DecoArt catalogue outdoor living
  • Satin Enamel – good for furniture, cabinets and more
  • Metallics
  • Colour Stains

ALSO new: 

  • Mixed Media CLEAR modeling paste
  • Texture Paste in 4 oz wide jars
  • HeavyGel Medium Gloss –  it dries translucent, increases paint body, can be tinted with fluid acrylics, and holds form ( eg. peaks and texture)
  • BLACK Crackle paint!  say “WHAT?”!

My favourite new stencils from Americana Decor are:

  • 18×18 – Winterberry Wreath
  • 8×8 – Botanical,
  • 6×6 – Mod Leaf, and
  • 6×18- Birch Trees
    Decoart catalogue 2

    Photo taken from DecoArt 2016 Catalogue

    Decoart catalogue 2

    Photo taken from DecoArt 2016 Catalogue

    You can view the complete new catalogue here: DecoArt Catalogue

  • little B logoWhat’s new for LittleB™?
    *A lot of BEAUTIFUL new lace decorative tapes.

*Foil Tapes – I’m loving Silver Foil Multi color squares (come in 25mm and 3mm), and Gold Foil Tribal, 25mm.

LOVE: new Donuts and Teapots.  LittleB stickers

LOVE: Dimensional Stickers – Gardening, Campers, Happy Birthday.

Not new, but love and want:
Card Cutting Dies: Butterfly, Polka Dots, Thank You, and Happy Birthday.

Punches – There are 3 new ones: Butterfly, Speech Bubble, and Oval (1 1/2 x 1 1/4)

Seasonal/Christmas: I am very happy to see three of my favs still in the catalogue: Nutcrackers and Boxwood Wreaths dimensional stickers, and Santa Belt Gold Foil decorative tape.


I have come to really love Deflecto‘s product line.Look at this great NEW product: Craft Tilt Bins! They come in 4, 5, and 6 drawer configurations and all units are 23 5/8″ wide. They are interlocking.

Deflecto Tilt Bins 1

Deflecto Craft Tilt Bins

Also a HUGE love: The Pear Clip plus Flexible Pouch ( 3×5 or 5×7) also got me excited. I can see using them to display samples of my work on a portable chain!

Now onto Faber-Castell® …


Ok, these aren’t new, but I like the Textural Accents Sampler they offer for $5.25 MSRP. It’s a great way to try their gesso, gel medium and glaze. It’s also an ‘easy sell’ for me in my {small} store.Faber Castell textural accents sampler

I also like the Mix and Match Gelatos® Mist Maker set for $11.95 MSRP.Faber Castell mist maker

maya road logoMaya Road – I have loved Caroline and her brilliance for many, many years.

So, what’s NEW? Beautiful STEEL DIES – Geometric Heart, and Geometric Leaf. (sorry, I was only able to get a pic of the heart)

maya road geometric hearts

Maya Road Geometric Heart Die


 I found many new products to get excited about in the Hampton Art booth. New – Angela Potter ‘Color Me Stamps’ in both clear and wood.

Studio G – Great new assortment of wood stamps. I like the Stamp Adventure Assormtent – 16 designs for $7.84 MSRP

The new shapes and colours being offered in their self-adhesive gems is lovely. Studio g gems They also have beautifully painted buttons, clothespins, etc.

What I really like about Hampton Art is the variety of products and price.

My next post will cover products and companies that STOOD OUT at the show, either in their presentation, marketing, products, or excitement factor. 🙂 


Disclaimer: I have not received any of these products for free nor am I being compensated for endorsing them.