Creating Angels with Powertex

Creating Powertex Angels 

Powertex Workshop

I loved teaching at Karen Ellis’ The Art House Studio.  It is a beautiful store and she has a great space for teaching, especially a ‘potentially messy’ class like Powertex

Powertex workshop May 9th
Henny and Tanya

   Powertex workshop May 9th

Powertex workshop May 9th


Powertex workshop May 9th
Beautiful angels perched on their granite bases

Don’t you wish you were there?

Powertex workshop May 9th
Powertex workshop May 9th
We go through a LOT of masking tape


The workshop was 4 hours and the time zoomed by. 

Many thanks to Henny, Heather, Patrica, and Tanya for attending.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves; I know I did!

Powertex workshop May 9th
The Girls busy at work; wrapping their armatures in tarn.

Angel Powertex Class December 13th

Angel Powertex Class

       Bronze Angel Powertex

Due to popular demand (and a little begging on someone’s part) I’ve added the popular Angel Powertex Class. Will you be able to come?Angel Powertex

Regularly $100, in the ‘spirit of the season’, it’s only $85. For more info click HERE 

You can always check my online calendar for current events and classes. It is easily accessible by clicking the Classes & Workshops Tab at the top of my website. 🙂

I hope you will be able to come for this fun afternoon!