Powertex and Foil Ballerina

I am sharing a beautiful new sculpture with you today: a Powertex and Foil Ballerina!

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At the most recent CHA MegaShow, held in January, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Prime Publishing VIB ( Very Important Blogger)! Lucky me: after the show I was sent a lot of beautiful products from many of the Prime VIB Event sponsors! I have to admit that one of my most favourite ‘new’ products to work with is therm-o-web’s iCraft® DECO FOIL™ transfer sheets.

Powertex and FoilI created my sculpture first; it started as wire, fabric and aluminum, on a wood base. I used Bronze Powertex art medium to ‘paint’ my sculpture. The Bronze is more of a brown colour. I thought adding the DECO FOIL™ would really make it special. I used the following colours: red, gold, and purple.

Powertex and Foil

LOOK at how gorgeous the bodice is; with shocks of gold, red, and purple. It looks like liquid gold was poured on!

Powertex and Foil

The first step in applying the DECO FOIL™ transfer sheet is to apply the DECO FOIL™ Liquid Adhesive to your surface, and let it dry for 1 -2 hours. When it’s ‘dry’, it’s tacky, and the perfect surface to receive the transfer colours!

Powertex and Foil

When the adhesive is tacky (not wet), the colours will easily transfer to the surface (sometimes just by touching it), but usually you will need to do some gentle rubbing.

Powertex and Foil

Powertex and Foil

The foil brought life to my ballerina. What could you add DECO FOIL™ to?

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