Powertex Explained

Powertex Explained Part 1

Bronze AngelFYI – You need absolutely ZERO art experience when working with Powertex! It is the most forgiving medium and I PROMISE that you will create something you will be so happy with and proud of. And I DO stand behind my promise. 

Here are some examples of work from FIRST-TIME students:

POWERTEX HOW TO Pretty Amazing, right?! 

I am going to focus on a recent sculpture I made;

my Powertex and Foil Ballerina:

On the day she was born, this is what she looked like:

what is powertex

The beginning: 3 pieces of wire.

For more interesting facts about Powertex and what it is, please see my article:What Is Powertex?

These are the basic steps involved in creating a basic figure. There are many different types of armatures and wrapping techniques to learn. Once the figures are dry there are also many different ways to ‘finish them’. 

Pretty Amazing, right?! 

My next post will provide some insight into Powertex and Mixed Media Canvases.

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