Painting Metal with Colorique

Painting Metal with Colorique is my new favourite pastime. The ink really grabs onto the metal and it makes painting, colouring, and staining a total pleasure.colorique tropical holiday beauty

This month I am participating in a special ‘Hop’ with the Designers Craft Connection where we are featuring Colorique by Lisa Marie Jimenez and U-paint Crafts.  The theme is ‘holidays’, but to be honest, my holidays were always celebrated down south ( in Florida usually). So for me ‘holiday time’ is literally holiday time’ 🙂 Colorique inks beauty

I used every single colour of Colorique, I believe — including the Sealant. For a complete list of all the gorgeous Colorique colours please click here.

I painted the canvas with resin coloured with Colorique. It blended beautifully.  The canvas has 3 layers of resin in total helping to create some dimension to the piece. 

The first layer covers the canvas where I painted with Colorique like watercolour. I used very little Colorique and added it to a little water. I only painted some of the dark blues of the water and a little where the water meets the sky. The second layer was blended resin and the third layer was a flood coat. olorique tropical holiday zoom water

The Tree (U-Paint Crafts):  I used Moss Landing, Verdigris, Avocado, Honey Bee for the leaves. I added shading by mixing Grape Vine with a little Black Diamond. For the trunk I wanted a tinge of orange, but for it not to look orange. I mixed Moss Landing, Poppy and Verdigris. colorique tropical holiday tree zoom

The compass was a happy find in my stash. I used Verdigris, Snow Summit, and Black Diamond to enhance the metal. 

I used Loc-Tite glue to adhere all the pieces to the resin. It works great!

The only resin I use is from ETI – Environmental Technology, Inc. I used Envirotex Lite for this painting.

Make sure you check out all the other designers who are participating in this month’s hop.

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