How to use TAP and create a monogram

Tonight on C&T Publishing’s ‘Wednesday Night Live with Lisa Fulmer’, I was a guest demonstrator and showed how to create 2 projects using Transfer Artist Paper – TAP.

Here is the link to the July 6th show:
How to use TAP
Monogrammed Linen Napkin using an inkjet printer

Not only can you personalize your linen napkins, but TAP also work on paper towels — Yep; regular paper towels.
At your next party, instead of place cards personalize each guests napkin with their name.
For your next kid’s party or BBQ, birthday or other celebration, turn plain white paper towels into party napkins using TAP!!!
Watch the link above and I show you how:)

How to use TAP
Creating the monogram

This is my Second Demo

How to use TAP
White kitchen towel. Using BIC markers I drew the flowers right on the TAP
How to use TAP
Tea towel decorated with stamps and pigment ink.
How to use TAP
Stamp flowers onto the TAP and then cut out
How to use TAP
Experimenting – both look great!
I hope you enjoy the show.  You will see how easy it is to use TAP to give some plain objects some PIZAZZ!

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