Easy Camera Props with DecoArt

While preparing for the recent CHA Canada Retreat I decided to make these fun and easy camera props! It was so easy and quick! As a matter of fact, it took me longer to list the supplies than it did to make this project 🙂

camera props

I found the glasses at Hobby Lobby for 70¢ each. 

I then gathered the following products from DecoArt:

  • Americana® multi-surface SATIN™ – Coastal Waters
  • Americana® Acrylics – Bubblegum Pink
  • Americana® multi-surface Metallic – Yellow Gold & Gold
  • Americana® DECOR flat brush – 2″
  • Americana® Premium Stencil Brush Set
  • DecoArt Americana Decor Stencil 6″x 8″
  • Gloss Enamel Stick-On Stencils – Fluttery Friends
  • Paint sprayer
camera props

Paint your glasses. You’ll need 2 coats 

camera props

I loved the design on the owl. Place the part of the design you like over the glasses, including the stick. Spray the 2 gold paints. GORGEOUS!

camera props

Choose the part of the stencil you like, place it over the glasses, including the stick, and use the stencil brush to apply the gold paints. BAM!camera propsIt can’t get much easier than this!

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