Designers Playdate

Designers PlayDate

Welcome to Designers PlayDate!

Designers PlayDate is an exciting new creative concept. I bring 8 Creatives/Makers together for an afternoon, once a month, to freely create and inspire each other. With the generous support of a monthly ‘featured sponsor’ we use the materials sent to experiment, play, collaborate, and create.

Designers PlaydateThere is no charge to the PlayDate Specialists and they keep whatever they make.

This is an excellent opportunity to also provide valuable feedback to the sponsor/manufacturer about their product.  The fact that the Specialists do not have to worry about taking photos, writing up blog posts, or perhaps giving negative feedback to a supplier, completely frees them to ‘just create’.  

Meanwhile, I facilitate, provide product information and if necessary, demonstrate product.  Designers Playdate

Here is the original call-out: Designers PlayDate 

Would YOU like to be a PlayDate Specialist? Terms are for 6 months and the next call-out will be January 2017.

Would you like to be a SPONSOR? I am currently looking for November and 2017.

Please email me 

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