Creating with Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

Today I am creating with Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements! Wow – did this ever push me out of my wheelhouse, but I’m very happy with what I created. The DCC (Designer Crafts Connection) is sharing wonderful designs using Rebekah’s kit and I’m happy to be a part of this great group.Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

Fabric Elements is a fabulous product line developed by fellow CHA designer, Rebekah Meier. If you are not familiar with the product, please check it out at Rebekah’s Etsy store (rebekahmeierdesigns). You can also find more information at Rebekah’s website,

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

The kit included a lot, but it didn’t include the one item I fear the most – a sewing machine! 🙂 JUST KEEP IN MIND: I started with plain canvas fabric.

Sewing, working with batting, rotary cutters and straight lines is just not what I do, but I was up for the challenge and basically followed the kit’s directions. Frankly I am shocked my sewing machine didn’t just laugh at me, but it was still working and didn’t let me down!

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

Most of the extra items and tools I worked with to make my mixed media collage using the Fabric Elements kit.

When I read the instructions the first time I knew I’d have to read them a few more times and I still messed up something but I’ll leave it to you to figure it out ( *I think I hid it pretty darn well, though).  I didn’t realize ‘how involved’ it was going to be, but once I got started I discovered that I was REALLY ENJOYING myself!

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

With printed tissue paper (provided by Rebekah), paint and stencils the collage starts taking shape.

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

This is a great photo of one of my relatives and I don’t have a clue who it is. I thought it would be even more beautiful with some added colour.

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

EKTools markers are amazing. Who needs special markers to colour photographs?! I don’t. By drawing on my teflon sheet, adding a little water and using a brush I was able to achieve that gorgeous rose background, and other enhancements.

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

Check out the heart! It’s painted batting! — who knew?! I LOVE this effect.

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

Little lace flowers cut out of a larger piece plus white pearl beads plus glue = a crazy easy flower embellishment on the heart. I also painted the edges of the heart with gold acrylic paint.

Rebekah Meier Fabric Elements

The heart at the top encased in green shimmery organza was first embossed then painted.

Make sure you visit the DCC blog to link to all the designers projects using Fabric Elements AND enter for your chance to win a FANTASTIC PRIZE from Rebekah Meier Designs.Fabric Elements

Have I inspired you today?

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  1. Your ancestor looks lovely in yellow hair! This really looks like a fun project and has so many ways to interpret it, like you did. Don’t be afraid of your sewing machine…it loves you!

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