Celebrating my Daughter

This is a very long overdue post! Wow.

I was going through my drafts and came across this post I wrote 7 years ago and never published it! What?! Anyway, it’s better late than never.

A lot has happened in the seven years since I drafted this. First of all, Deb is now 25 and is setting the world on fire! She has moved to another city and I’m missing her terribly. I have also moved to another city ( no, not the same city).

As I have previously mentioned this was my daughter’s 18th birthday and originally she was going to stay at University for the weekend, but decided to come home.

It was so nice to be able to see her today as I reminisced about that day 18 years ago when her Daddy and I welcomed her into the world.   

It’s nice to have these positive things to focus on.  

I went to Costco and picked up 2 dozen roses.  I fired up the Cricut, got out my coloured vinyl and cut out “HAPPY 18TH DEB” in 5″ and covered one of the front windows with the letters so she would see it as she pulled into the driveway.

The roses were lovingly arranged on the foyer table, along with a birthday card I made.
Here are a few pics:
Deb and I then met my oldest son for dinner at a wonderful Japanese restaurant where we had Teppanyaki.  It was totally delicious — we ordered surf n’ turf for 3. 🙂
Here’s my son, Mark and the birthday girl:
And for the piece de resistance, she had to dress up for the traditional birthday photo:
It was a good day 🙂

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